Subway Shorts – New Powers

In today’s edition, the New Super-Man of China continues to explore his growing abilities, with a little help from the original. Over in Gotham, Black Canary expands her Canary Cry in Batgirl and the Birds…

MST3K – Season 11 Ep. 1

It’s been nearly 18 years since the last episode of the cult TV show Mystery Science Theater 3000 or MST3K. The premise was simple, a man and his robot friends were trapped in space and…

Subway Shorts – Regrets

We’re all over the place this time around, as Bedrock regrets its election in The Flintstones, Jughead regrets posting a video that went viral and Batman… well, he has no regrets.

Subway Shorts – Shine Brighter

Batman comes to visit Superman on the farm, and nothing good ever comes of that. Plus, the reunion between Green Arrow and Arsenal gives us more of their history within the new DC Comics universe.