Subway Shorts – Doomsday Clock 5

Geoff Johns’ collision between the DC Universe and the cast of Watchmen continues to twist and turn. Ozymandias is still looking for Dr. Manhattan and Saturn Girl helps Johnny Thunder find an important piece of…

Subway Shorts – The Man of Steel 1

Another new era for Superman begins here, with the first issue of Brian Bendis’ weekly miniseries introduces new characters and concepts. But how does he handle writing the Man of Steel?

DC Nation Sets Up Summer Events

With big things on the horizon for DC Comics readers, this week’s big release offers a preview of the major changes coming for Batman, Superman and the Justice League.

Monday Memories – Forever

While we’re celebrating the 80th birthday of the Man of Steel, it’s also been 20 years since SUPERMAN FOREVER, the special edition comic book that brought Superman back to his classic look!