I don’t know about you, but this has felt like a long, tiring week. Let’s end it with some fresh films and new tunes to enjoy this weekend.

First up, Steven Soderbergh returns to the heist genre with LOGAN LUCKYChanning Tatum and Adam Driver team up as siblings aiming to rob Charlotte Motor Speedway during Memorial Day weekend. Keep an eye out for Daniel Craig having the time of his life too!

Another movie that looks like a ton of fun? THE HITMAN’S BODYGUARD, which is pretty much what it says on the tin! A special protection agent (Ryan Reynolds) has to keep a notorious hitman (Samuel L. Jackson) alive, to take down an Eastern European dictator (Gary Oldman). It looks violent and hilarious.

For something a bit more out there, check out MAJORIE PRIME. In this sci-fi flick, A service creating holographic projections of late family members allows a woman (Lois Smith) to spend time with a younger version of her deceased husband (Jon Hamm).

Other movies out this week include PATTI CAKE$, about an aspiring New Jersey rapper, LEMON, a comedy-drama of a man whose life falls apart, and 6 DAYS, which looks at the 1980 Iranian Embassy siege in London.

Lots of great new music out this week too! We’ve got PAINTED RUINS, by indie rockers Grizzly Bear, their first album in five years. It still has that wonderful mix of sharp guitar work and off-kilter percussion.

Another returning rock band is Rainer Maria, with their self-titled album marking their reunion after time apart for about a decade. Belting vocals and shredding guitars help them turn even mid-tempo tracks into furious sagas.

Steven Wilson adds the latest entry to his varied discography with TO THE BONE. Moving further away from his progressive rock stylings, his latest release finds him embracing the pop of his youth, such as Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel. “Permeating” may be the happiest song he’s ever written.

If you’d like more, give a listen to A FEVER DREAM by Everything Everything, WOULDN’T IT BE GREAT by Loretta Lynn and NOT DARK YET, a duet album by Allison Moorer and Shelby Lynne.

Who’s got fun weekend plans coming up?