Monday Memories

Monday Memories – Losing Hartman

Phil Hartman became a star during his time on Saturday Night Live, with a wide range of comedic characters, but the end of his life – 20 years ago today – was nothing short of…

Monday Memories – Seven Strangers

Back when MTV mostly still just played music videos, the cable channel also gave life to a new genre of television – reality TV – when it put seven strangers in a New York City…

Monday Memories – Forever

While we’re celebrating the 80th birthday of the Man of Steel, it’s also been 20 years since SUPERMAN FOREVER, the special edition comic book that brought Superman back to his classic look!

Monday Memories – Drugs Are Bad

The War on Drugs may have started with Nancy Reagan on DIFF’RENT STROKES, but the battled continued into the Presidency of George H.W. Bush, who enlisted the aid of Saturday morning cartoon stars!