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Quick Hits: Backlash 2017

It’s time for the WWE’s Blue Brand to shine, as SmackDown! Live presents Backlash! Some intriguing matches on the card tonight, including a couple of head-scratchers. Advertisements

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Doctor Who – Series 10 Ep. 6 – “Extremis”

The question of what’s real has long been a sci-fi standard. Are we all really here? Is this world as it seems, something our mind interprets or something far more […]

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Subway Shorts – Rivals

Sometimes, you get a couple of kids who just don’t like each other but manage to work together for the greater good, like in Super Sons. Other times, it leads […]

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Song of the Week: Courtney Barnett – “How to Boil an Egg”

Technically, the latest release by Courtney Barnett is an old-new song. The Melbourne singer-songwriter used to perform “How to Boil an Egg” at open mics years before she started recording music. She […]

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Big Steaming Pile – Verdun: 1914-1918

Anyone who’s familiar with the Western Front of World War I would probably not be inclined to think it would make for a very enjoyable game. Bolt-action rifles, trench warfare, […]

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It’s here. The moment that we’ve been building towards all year. It’s 24 hours before Iris’ death at the hands of Savitar. Team Flash needs to find something, anything, to […]