Subway Shorts – Superman 1

Brian Michael Bendis jams a whole bunch of story into the the first issue of Superman, including an alien invasion and a brand new Fortress of Solitude. But what has happened to Clark Kent’s world?

Subway Shorts – The Man of Steel 6

The fate of Rogol Zaar! The fate of Jon and Lois! And the identity of the Metropolis arsonist! All of these things are revealed in the final issue of Brian Michael Bendis’ introduction to DC…

Subway Shorts – Captain America 1

Acclaimed author and educator Ta-nehisi Coates takes over writing duties on Marvel’s Star-Spangled Avenger, trying to bring Steve Rogers back after the world was tricked into believing he joined HYDRA.

Movies At Random – The Lego Batman Movie

“I don’t talks about feelings, Alfred. I don’t have any, I’ve never seen one. I’m a night-stalking, crime-fighting vigilante, and a heavy metal rapping machine. I don’t feel anything emotionally, except for rage. 24/7, 365,…