DC Comics

Subway Shorts – Batman 45

Booster Gold comes to Gotham City bearing a wedding gift for Batman, only things are a bit different – because Booster changed history and Bruce Wayne is no longer the Dark Knight!

This Week’s Comics – April 18

Today, we celebrate the release of a comic book that’s been 80 years in the making. Today sees the release of Action Comics 1,000, celebrating the legacy of comicdom’s greatest hero – SUPERMAN! And there…

This Week’s Comics – April 11

What could be better than New Comic Book Day? Well, the weather could act like it’s April and not February. That would be nice. But assuming that won’t happen, we have new comics to read!

Subway Shorts – Batman: White Knight 7

Jack Napier and Batman must put aside their issues as preparations are in place to battle Neo Joker and the villains of Gotham City. But will the Jokers re-emergence screw things up? The latest issue…