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Subway Shorts – Oct. 8

I’m writing from an Amtrak train on its way to Boston, which is appropriately the first name of one of the characters being talked about here! Read on for reviews of Deadman: Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love and The Shadow: The Death of Margo Lane.

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Subway Shorts – Oct. 7

There were a lot of first issues released this week – I looked at Death of Hawkman 1 yesterday – and today I look at three more (with one more still to go!). The ride home last night gave me the chance to take a look at He-Man/Thundercats 1 and Shade the Changing Girl from DC Comics and Moonshine 1 […]

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Subway Shorts – Night of the Monster Men

There’s a lot to catch up on this morning, as DC Comics released the opening two chapters of the first Rebirth-era crossover, along with a new book focusing on DC’s Big Three and Big Blue takes a day off. This edition of Subway Shorts covers Batman 7 and Nightwing 5, the first two chapters of “Night of the Monster Men.”

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Clash of Champions Quick Hits

Two weeks after SmackDown Live had it’s first WWE Network special event of the new brand split era, Monday Night Raw gets its chance to shine with Clash of Champions, appropriating an old WCW special name (and dropping a “the”as well). Some quick thoughts about the show as it happens