The heat of the summer is gone, the crisp fall air is blowing in and I’m pretty psyched for my favorite time of year!

The site has been on a hiatus for a little while, as I tried and failed to juggle an increased load at my actual job and a couple of kids who really love hanging out with their dad. Now that we’re getting into more of a groove, it’s a good time to get back to the important business of comic books, TV shows, movies and more!

It’s pretty apt that we come back to looking at the comics being released this week when half of the books I’m buying are related to my favorite – SUPERMAN! New issues of Action Comics, Justice League, Superman – Son of Kal-El, Batman/Superman and even Checkmate all feature Big Blue prominently, even if the main Super-books (Action and Superman) are preparing to ship him out into space to deal with War World for the time being. I’m not the biggest fan of this current era of the Super-books, but at least there are a lot of options to choose from.

We also have a couple of highly-anticipated first issues out this week. First up, Deathstroke, Inc. pairs the sometimes-villainous mercenary with another one of my favorites – BLACK CANARY! Slade and Dinah are teaming up to take down a super-secret organization called T.R.U.S.T., which apparently wasn’t taken down when Leviathan took out all the other super-secret organizations, causing Dinah’s boyfriend Green Arrow to join with the new Checkmate? Hopefully they’ll address that confusion in the first issue.

The second major new release spans the multiverse to bring together two great detectives – Batman and Bigby Wolfe from the Vertigo series Fables. Writer Bill Willingham brings Bigby back to prominence with this new limited Black Label series. As weird as the world of Fabletown could be, I imagine Gotham City to be on a whole other level for Bigby.

As always, I’m buying my comics digitally, through Comixology. Most of the week’s new books are listed over at the PreviewsWorld website, though DC Comics’ new releases can be found on their own website. And the DC Digital Comics are available through DC Universe Infinite. Let’s take a look at what new comics I’ll be reading this week.

DC Comics
Action Comics 1035
Batman Vs. Bigby – A Wolf in Gotham 1
Batman/Superman 22
Checkmate 4
Deathstroke Inc. 1
Justice League 68
Robin 6
Superman, Son of Kal-El 3

Image Comics
Adventureman 5
The Department of Truth 13

What are you looking forward to this week? Discuss in the comments!