Hal Jordan pops off into space to… oh who the hell knows what Grant Morrison was talking about?

The Green Lantern 1
Written by Grant Morrison
Pencils and Inks by Liam Sharp 
Colors by Steve Oliff 

I am a fan of Grant Morrison, please don’t think otherwise. From his work on ANIMAL MAN to ALL-STAR SUPERMAN to JLA and FINAL CRISIS and beyond, stories by Grant Morrison end up being beyond epic and almost always worth the price of admission. But his opening chapters? Man, he throws a lot of information at you right off the bat and you either manage to keep up or hope you can read it all together when it ties together later. 

 The Green Lantern Corps is more inclusive than theBoy Scouts.

So it is again with the first issue of Morrison’s THE GREEN LANTERN, a character he probably should’ve been given a chance to write many years ago. It’s perfect for a guy who likes widescreen action mixed with far-out concepts. He finally gets the chance and, if you’ve been following Green Lantern since Geoff Johns brought him back from the dead almost 15 years ago, then this feels like a pretty clear reboot. 

It is way too early to tell how Morrison’s Green Lantern story is going to play out, but it’s obvious he’s already having fun with it. A giant spider pirate right getting bested by a sentient virus Green Lantern? That’s a pretty wild introduction to what Morrison is doing – though it feels like pretty standard Morrison fare. 

When we finally get around to Jordan, on Earth after being put on indefinite leave from the Corps, he’s back to being a bit of a womanizer and a journeyman who longs for a return to the stars. Thankfully, the rest of the Corps is way too inept to do anything withoutHal Jordan leading them, he’s back on the beat and tasked with figuring out what’s going on with the Book of OA. 

Combined with some great art from Liam Sharp, THE GREEN LANTERN should be a winner, as long as I can figure out what’s going on as Morrison continues his epic.