Green Lantern

Subway Shorts – Batman 45

Booster Gold comes to Gotham City bearing a wedding gift for Batman, only things are a bit different – because Booster changed history and Bruce Wayne is no longer the Dark Knight!

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New Release Tuesday – October 10

Tuesdays bring the release of new books and movies to keep us all occupied. Let’s take a look at the highlights of what’s now available for our consumer entertainment! New Digital Releases Batman vs. Two-Face…

Subway Shorts – Missions

Batman is clearly a crazy bastard and needs to be committed. That’s my biggest takeaway from the special Dark Days: The Casting, the second lead-in to the Metal story kicking off next month.

Subway Shorts: Forged Metal

DC Comics kicked off its next big event, the Batman-centric Metal, with the first of two one-shots leading into it this week, as a good chunk of the Caped Crusader’s friends are trying to figure…

Subway Shorts: Crossover

DC Comics has a lot of crossovers planned this year, from the Justice League-Power Rangers mash-up to the Looney Tunes mash-ups coming later this year. Last week, we got another set, as the DC superheroes…

Subway Shorts – Dec. 17

Barry Allen makes an important decision about his life in The Flash and Hal Jordan gets his life back in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, while his brethren are trapped by Brainiac.