The Trinity starts to dig into what happened at Sanctuary while Booster Gold and Harley Quinn start to shore up their own support. 

Heroes In Crisis 2
Written by Tom King 
Pencils and Inks by Clay Mann 
Colors by Tomeu Morey 

So, who killed all the people at Sanctuary, the home for the troubled superheroes created by Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman? Was it the “Greatest Hero You’ve Never Heard Of” Booster Gold? Or was it the Joker’s former dame and current Suicide Squad antihero Harley Quinn? Both blame the other and neither are quite right in the head. 

And both come face-to-face with the creators of Sanctuary to plead their innocence. And while Harley escapes by outwitting even the Batman, Booster Gold runs headlong into trying to solve the mystery. 

This is never the right question to ask.

His first step is to find the best forensic detective he knows to help him solve the case. The big problem with that? No one has told Barry Allen yet that Wally West was killed. We also discover another death in the attack that kicked off the series in the FIRST ISSUE – Poison Ivy, Harley’s best friend. 

There are a lot of big names on the list of DC Comics characters that Tom King has killed off in the two issues, and with the latest information, it’s really unclear where King is going with this, or how killing off Wally West, Roy Harper, Pamela Isley and the other, much less important heroes, will play out. 

If HEROES IN CRISIS is supposed to be an exploration of grief and what it means to deal with it when you’re someone who saves the world regularly, King has added a new wrinkle into the mix. 

Lois isn’t this bad a writer. 

Batman assures both Superman and Wonder Woman that the recordings of things said in Sanctuary aren’t kept, so he couldn’t know what happened when they all died. Those security recordings include confessionals from even the Trinity, which makes the revelation that the recordings were released and sent to Lois Lane a little bit more unsettling. 

This is shaping up to be a compelling and engaging mystery, and I’m really curious where this is going and how it will affect the DC Universe as a whole. And it doesn’t seem like the revelations are going to stop any time soon.