The gang is back together, so the wacky hijinks through time ensue! Plus a familiar face makes an appearance.


Now that Mick has brought Captain Sara Lance back to the Waverider and reunited her with both her fiancee and the rest of the Legends team, it’s time to get back to the business of finding the aliens who’ve been tossed throughout the timestream when Sara first tried to escape from being kidnapped. But first, there’s that pesky little point about Sara now being an alien-human hybrid clone of herself after she was killed on Bishop’s alien planet. Sara tells Ava the big news, but agree to not tell the rest of the team yet, hoping to have a normal Legends adventure with the team first.

Sara gets her wish with a mission to the Old West, but in true Legends fashion, the truth about Sara comes out and is vital to actually making it through the adventure.

In preparation for the adventure, Nate notes that the town where the team is heading is a pretty lawless place, though when they arrive, it seems more idyllic than expected. At the local tavern, we see the rules from the sheriff, who Nate also notes was a pretty scary criminal in the actual world: No cussing, fighting, gambling, fornicating, alcohol consumption, spitting, cheating, yelling, gunplay, disrespecting others. The oddity of how happy everything seems in town is soon revealed, with an alien worm who feeds on peoples’ anger hovering around the town while also voiding gold from itself, making the town a boom town for all the criminals there.

As the Legends work to figure it all out, they get help from Bass Reeves, the real-life Black deputy U.S. marshal west of the Mississippi River. Reeves here is played by DAVID RAMSEY, who played John Diggle on ARROW. Unlike his recent appearance on Batwoman, where he met with someone who had no interactions with Diggle before, Reeves here comes in contact with Sara, who knew Diggle well. It led to my favorite couplet of lines in the episode. Sara, seeing Reeves, says, “Dig?” and Reeves responds, “Yeah, I dig,” like he’s a 1970s Blacksploitation detective.

Also, Reeves’ mustache is pretty spectacular.

The team learns about Sara’s new status quo and it, of course, accepting of it as they manage to wipe out the alien worm and the evil sheriff controlling it. The end of the adventure also sets everyone on some divergent courses that may keep the full team apart for a bit. John Constantine learns from his former apprentice and newly-admitted alien in disguise Gary that the Fountain of Youth, which can give him back his magic, is real. Unfortunately, to get there, he may have to go back to the painting where he has ALEISTER CROWLEY trapped to get there. And Behrad gives the totems he and Zari wear to Nate after Nate has a breakdown in the Waverider. Nate can use the totems, Behrad explains, to go visit his version of Zari so he’s not so alone all the time.

Legends is taking the weekend off for the Independence Day holiday this weekend, so we have some time before the next episode, which takes us back into the future.