The fallout from Morgan Edge’s plot continues and all of Smallville is worse off for it.

Previously on SUPERMAN & LOIS

I think we’ve officially hit the calm before the storm with this show. With just two episodes left in the inaugural season, an episode like “Fail Safe” gives the narrative a little time to breathe before the final battles hit. Superman and his allies have been through a lot the last few months, and we’re building to one more big Kryptonian fight. The season’s 13th episode is putting the chess pieces in place while taking it easy on the big special effects brawls.

The meat of the episode is how Morgan Edge’s plot to take over the residents of Smallville – and Superman – is affecting everyone in the town. Notably, Clark is having a crisis of faith. He remembers the feeling of Zod taking over his body and letting loose with his abilities – abilities that he fights to rein in every minute of every day – and how he enjoyed the feeling. After his father-in-law, Dept. of Defense head Sam Lane, agreed to get rid of all of his stockpiles of Kryptonite other than what they need to keep Morgan Edge in lock down, Superman tells Sam that it’s a bad idea. The general is shocked. Lois is pissed. But Clark will not budge.

It seems as though John Henry Irons’ stories about how the Superman of his Earth destroyed all of Metropolis in minutes, also, has stayed with Clark, and he wants the Kryptonite available just in case someone manipulates him again.

This is where the beauty of the Superman character really sets in, I think. He is, easily, one of the most powerful beings on the planet, but his compassion sets him aside from others with abilities far beyond those of mortal men. He wants what’s best for the world, not just what’s best for him. I am continually amazed and pleased that the CW version of the character has managed to capture his essence so well.

Lois and Clark finally agree on a compromise, because Lois doesn’t fully trust that the Department of Defense will keep Superman’s well-being at the forefront. Superman gives the keys to Project 7734 over to John Henry Irons, after the duo help capture Leslie Larr, and entrusts the neophyte hero with keeping the world safe from Superman should the need arise.

After getting an appearance from John Diggle, representing ARGUS just last week, the show falls back to feeling like a separate reality from the rest of the ARROWVERSE. In a world where his cousin Kara exists and has several trusted allies, not to mention Barry Allen and STAR Labs or even Diggle in ARGUS, is Irons really the best option? Yes, from a narrative standpoint, it allows Steel to continue to be an ally of Superman and maybe keeps Wolé Parks around in a prominent role, but it’s still kind of weird in a world where Superman just recently formed a Justice League last season.

It’s a minor quibble, but it gets to me sometimes.

The Lane-Kent family aren’t the only ones struggling with the fallout of Edge’s scheme. The Lang-Cushing family are also experiencing some issues. Since Kyle was the most vocal supporter of bringing Edge in, the town has turned on the family. Kyle is no longer and fire department captain; Lana is out of job and can’t find work, either; and the mayor is lying to them about supporting the family. Despite the hardships, the family seems closer than ever, which is a nice change of pace from earlier in the season, when Kyle was clearly being an asshole. Having your body taken over by a Kryptonian really changes a guy, I guess.

There’s stuff with Lois and the kids, too. Jordan and Sarah get arrested for trespassing after they skip school because Sarah doesn’t want to deal with an assembly about Morgan Edge; and Jonathan gets in trouble for skipping school with an older female classmate who just wanted to get more info on what happened. And Lois has some issues with boss Chrissy Beppo (not the Super-monkey, yet), because she’s forced to lie about what happened with Superman and the DOD to protect the family.

None of it is terrible and it all added to the overall theme of the fallout everyone is experiencing, but it’s really not why I watch the show.

Superman & Lois is going on another hiatus – until August 10 – before the season’s final two episodes hit. With Morgan Edge escaping his DOD cell after becoming the Eradicator, I can only imagine the final two episodes are going to be pretty epic. I guess we can start letting the anticipation build.