The power of love helps the newly-cloned Sara get home while the rest of the Legends try to keep her from ever being abducted, and almost make a complete mess of things in typical Legends fashion.


I don’t think you can be a fan of the last few seasons of Legends without rooting for the relationship between Captain Sara Lance and her girlfriend, the cloned Time Bureaucrat AVA. With Sara kidnapped on to an alien planet by the megalomaniacal Bishop, Ava has spent most of the season trying to find her. Since learning last episode that Sara was killed by the Amelia Earhart alien, Ava has been despondent, watching the video of Sara telling DAVID-freaking-BOWIE that she was going to propose on a loop.

The other Legends are, of course, concerned and as they plan to eulogize their skipper, Behrad makes plans to go back to the night Sara was abducted and save her from the aliens. Despite acknowledging how bad an idea that is, the rest of the team all join in to help Behrad do the job right, which of course means almost completely messing up the timeline and creating an alternate Nate who has to go undercover as the dead John Constantine. It was a really bad plan filled with wacky hijinks that ultimately fails, putting the team back where they started the episode: getting ready to eulogize Sara.

While Sara was killed by the Amelia Earhart alien, the clone Bishop made of her to help him “save the universe” is still kicking – literally – and now she has both Gary Green and Mick Rory to aid her in her escape. Sara learns that Bishop cloned her mixing her DNA with an alien, so she has another Ava clone try to create a “clean” version of herself to send back to Earth. But Bishop has one final gambit up his sleeves, uploading his consciousness digitally to spread himself across the universe like a virus.

Ultimately, clone Sara decides her being mixed with an alien is the lesser of two evils and she blows the generators protecting Bishop’s compound and destroying both the clean clone and Bishop’s uploading. Sara, Mick, Gary and Kayla head back to Earth. Surprisingly, the episode gives us the reunion we’ve all been waiting for since the season started and doesn’t make us wait a whole week to see what happens.

Sara goes straight to Ava on the Waverider for a tender reunion, then head back to punk-era London to get back together with the team. Finally, with everyone celebrating Sara’s return, the captain gets down on one knee and proposes to Ava with fireworks going off in the background. It was a perfect moment for the team and a great way to wrap Sara’s abduction before moving on to whatever big bad they have to face next.

Also, Sara probably has to tell them team that she’s now part alien.