Previously on SUPERMAN & LOIS

I was really expecting to be a little disappointed in this episode. The story arc of the first season has been so good and building to a great fever pitch, and with the title of the episode and the preview, I was expecting a break from the narrative that had drawn me in so much. And yes, we did get an episode filled with flashbacks, after Superman landed back at the Fortress of Solitude powerless from releasing the solar flare to turn the faux Kryptonians back to normal Smallville residents.

Thankfully, though, the flashbacks were woven so well into the ongoing battle between Superman and Morgan Edge, his unexpected half-brother from Krypton.

Making it all the better, the flashbacks gave us such an endearing view of this version of Lois and Clark’s relationship. We see again Superman’s first day in Metropolis and Clark Kent’s first day at the Daily Planet, essentially agreeing to be a personal assistant for editor-in-chief Perry White in order to get a job, and how Clark meets Lois Lane. More importantly, we see how Lois and Clark fall in love, working together on trying to find a neo-Nazi arsonist in Metropolis who the credits refer to as “Atom-Man,” another amazing nod to Superman’s vast history in comics, television and movies.

It was maybe the most endearing version of the Clark and Lois relationship I’ve seen in a long time and when Lois interviews Superman for a video on the Daily Planet website, she admits to her producer and best friend that it doesn’t matter if it seems like Superman is into her because she’s in love with Clark, my heart nearly melted. It was only a few minutes of an episode to tell their love story, but it was done so well.

The sequence of events that led to Lois and Clark getting married and giving birth to the twins is a little different here than what we know happened previously in the ARROWVERSE, where Clark and Lois left Earth to Argo City so Lois could safely give birth to their son. I can accept that there were significant changes to Clark’s life and world post-CRISIS crossover, but given the lack of mention of any of the other heroes that Superman has become acquainted with, it adds a bit to the speculation that this Earth is different than the one that Flash, Supergirl and Batwoman currently inhabit.

The flashbacks, of course, were all a part of Morgan Edge’s plan to find Superman’s weakness while he was powerless, and he used a device to dig into Superman’s memories as he lay in the Fortress unconscious. When Superman finally wakes up, Edge threatens Lois, Jordan and Jonathan back in Smallville and just as Edge was going in for the kill, Superman shows back up and vows to do anything Edge wants, as long as Edge leaves his family alone. Edge brings Superman back to his own Fortress in the desert, where Edge and his holographic father seemingly turn Superman evil. And Lois puts in a call to JOHN HENRY IRONS to let him know that his fears may have come to pass.

I’m not exactly thrilled with an evil Superman at this point. I had my fill of that concept playing the INJUSTICE series on my PS4 and reading the comic book adaptations, but the show has built enough trust that I’m sure it will all be handled well with a satisfying resolution. Plus, I hope it means we’re getting closer to a live-action Steel suit that isn’t worn by Shaquille O’Neal.

On the downside, the show is going on hiatus for a few weeks and won’t be back until the end of July before airing the final run of first season episodes. Waiting a month for this is gonna be tough!