A dark, industrial comic book tie-in.

It’s rare that Song of the Week ties in so directly with the comic book side of things at The Casual Geekery. But today, synergy is in the air! DC’s latest event series, DARK NIGHTS DEATH METAL, may have wrapped up in print form, but it’s getting a second life with a soundtrack album from several indie and metal artists this summer. One of those songs, “Diana” by Chelsea Wolfe, delves into the underbelly of this apocalyptic tale.

Wolfe is no stranger to sinister atmospheres and dystopian tension. Her music has been filled with such songs, ranging from haunting folk to doom-filled metal. “Diana” leans more towards the latter, with an industrial buzzsaw playing throughout the track, like something Nine Inch Nails would’ve written in the 90s. But her voice floats above the grime and tension, providing some light to counter the darkness. Having voiced Wonder Woman for a YouTube video of the series, it’s perfectly apt that she brings the character to life through her music too.

“There’s this moment in the first comic book issue where she meets with Wally West and he’s so drained from his travels and all he’s had to do. I picked up on this intimate energy between them that felt almost romantic, but more just like two old friends who have an understanding between them — a moment of comfort and respite amongst all the fighting and chaos,” said Wolfe.

The Dark Nights: Death Metal soundtrack is out on 6/18.