A collaboration that exceeds already-high expectations.

Sharon Van Etten and Angel Olsen are two of the greatest songwriters working today, their music infused with deep pathos and wonderous melodies that have evolved from album to album. The idea of the two of them working together created a mountainous level of hype that it felt like would be impossible to meet. Not only does “Like I Used To” meet the moment, it reveals itself to be one of the best songs either artist has written.

“Like I Used To” sparkles like with a Springsteen-esque country flair, its mixture of vibrating keys, acoustic strums and electric riffs all fusing together into a soundscape that’s thrilling, soothing and melancholy all at once. But it’s their vocals where the two of them shine the most, Van Etten and Olsen trading verses only for their voices to meld together beautifully in a chorus of reflection. It’s an unexpected, superb anthem that will hopefully lead to more music between these two incredible musicians.

“Like I Used To” is out now.