You can’t go wrong with a Robert Smith appearance.

It’s undeniable that Chvrches has made some of the catchiest synth-pop songs of the last decade, enduing them with a bright sheen that masks the melancholy underneath the surface. But the darker side of their tunes comes forth on repeated listens, giving their work staying power. While they dropped their first single for their new album, Screen Violence, back in April, expect “How Not to Drown” to be the song that makes its presence felt all summer.

The propulsive track rides a great rhythm into a tense but eruptive chorus, where Lauren Mayberry’s voice ascends and forces you to listen. Just Chvrches’ performance would’ve been enough to make this the song of the week. But it’s the appearance of The Cure’s Robert Smith that takes it to another level, his unmistakable voice harmonizing powerfully with Mayberry’s, where the lift is only matched by the tension found in each word. For those who like a little sour in their song of the summer, “How Not to Drown” is a must-listen.

Screen Violence will drop on Aug. 27.