Chelsea Wolfe is a master of crafting haunting atmospherics, whether picked out on acoustic guitars or through a heavier wall-of-sound. While she’s mainly worked as a solo artist, Wolfe is now joining collaborator Jess Gowrie for a new project as Mrs. Piss. While the music is in the same wheelhouse as Wolfe’s own work, it reaches upwards for a more expansive approach as well as going deeper into the depths.

Wolfe said about the project, “It was freeing and fun to channel some wild energies that I don’t typically put into my own music.” And you can hear that ferocity in “Knelt.”

“Knelt” brings out deep, sludgy sounds of doom, like Black Sabbath led even further down into the darkness. The song swirls with circular, heady soundscapes that will both knock and leave you off-balance. It’s a skyscraper of a song, one that leaves you in anticipation for more.

And more is coming soon! Mrs. Piss’ debut album, Self-Surgery, is out on 5/29 via Sargent House.