The Maid of Might continues her search for information about Rogol Zaar as she lands on Oa. 

Supergirl 22 
Written by Marc Andreyko
Pencils by Kevin Maguire 
Inks by Sean Parsons 
Colors by FCO Plascencia

With the launch of the DC UNIVERSE app over the weekend, the first comic I decided to do a re-read on was Marc Andreyko’s MANHUNTER. The series, which featured Los Angeles District Attorney Kate Spencer as the main hero, was such a fun book, and from the moment I’ve read it, I usually perk up when Andreyko’s name comes up as attached to a book as a writer. And it’s generally paid off with high quality. 

Throw in the always-fun Kevin Maguire doing the pencils for this new run on SUPERGIRL, and this run on the series is a dream. Granted, we’re only two issues in, but it has the potential to be my favorite run featuring Kara Zor-El ever. 

While Rogol Zaar is set to give Superman headaches in another series, Kara is out in space looking for information on the man who claims to have destroyed Krypton. What better place to start her search than to Mogo, the current home planet of the Green Lantern Corps, which has a repository of all information ever. But of course it’s not as easy as going to the Lanterns, who are her friends, and asking for help. Kara is a teenager and we must manufacture some drama by having her be secretive, sneaking around to find things out without anyone else finding out. 

That, of course, does not work at all. And she ends up having a bunch of Lanterns pointing their rings at her and telling her to stand down. Zaar’s axe, which starts acting up once she gets close to Mogo, doesn’t help. But it does provide Maguire the opportunity to draw some antics that would have fit right in on his work on JUSTICE LEAGUE INTERNATIONAL

Andreyko’s SUPERGIRL is off to a great start. If Kara knocks Guy Gardner out with one punch a couple of issues in, this will be an all-timer.