The Maid of Might leaves Earth on a mission to find out more about the creature who claims to have killed Krypton.

Supergirl 21
Written by Marc Andreyko
Pencils by Kevin Maguire 
Inks by Sean Parsons 
Colors by FCO Plascencia 

With the new era of SUPERMAN comics under writer Brian Michael Bendis, his cousin’s book gets a soft reboot as well. After her appearance in the MAN OF STEEL miniseries, which saw new Big Bad Rogol Zaar claim to have destroyed Krypton before he destroyed the Bottle City of Kandor, Supergirl has decided to find out whether the monster was telling the truth.

Her first stop is to go to the man with access to the greatest database in universe.

Bwa ha ha

When the scan from Hal Jordan’s ring comes up with some redacted information, it sets off a chain of events that will no doubt play a big part in what’s to come for Supergirl in the coming issues. Her questioning gets picked up by a mysterious group in an undisclosed part of the galaxy who want to keep the information hidden – and are willing to kill another Kryptonian to do so.

Supergirl isn’t going on her journey into space alone, thankfully. Her cousin couldn’t go, but he sent Kara the next best thing.

How great is it that Krypto has his own font? You’ve gotta love that dog.

I’ve been a fan of writer Marc Andreyko’s work since I read his MANHUNTER series from 2004 (which starred district attorney Kate Spencer – now playing a role in Green Arrow – as the titular hero), so I’ve been looking forward to his Supergirl run since it was announced. His first issue here is a lot of set-up, but he pulls at a lot of emotional strings as the motivation for Kara’s search.

As if Andreyko writing Supergirl wasn’t enough to draw me in, Kevin Maguire is now on pencils. There was no way I’d be able to resist this book.

SUPERGIRL is likely to have a lot of ramifications for the future of the Super-books, and with Kara heading to Mogo – headquarters of the Green Lantern Corps – we should get a good deal of action, too. I’m willing to bet this will be an important book to read if you’re a Super-fan.