Brian Michael Bendis jams a whole bunch of story into the the first issue of Superman, including an alien invasion and a brand new Fortress of Solitude. But what has happened to Clark Kent’s world?

Superman 1
Written by Brian Michael Bendis
Pencils by Ivan ReisĀ 
Inks by Joe Prado

Picking up out of the end of Bendis’ THE MAN OF STEEL miniseries, Clark Kent is alone in Metropolis. His wife and son went off to explore the universe with Jor-El, who wants to teach his grandson the secrets of the universe because the pre-teen Jon Kent would be considered a man on Krypton.

So what’s a Superman to do when he’s all of a sudden a bachelor again?

That’s… somehow not as exciting as I thought it would be…

Thankfully, there are other emergencies around the world, like the ones that keep interrupting his conversation with the Martian Manhunter, and in the outer reaches of the solar system, like the alien Dominator invasion that he randomly stops like it ain’t no thing.

But still…

Clark Kent day dreams of making out with his wife. It’s sweet, really, though it underscores the complete ridiculousness of letting Lois and Jon go off into space with Jor-El. And since planetary menace Rogol Zaar destroyed the only way he had of communicating with his family, he’s left with his day dreams and memories of trying to raise his family right.

He does find some time to create a new Fortress of Solitude in the Bermuda Triangle, though. Let’s see how long THAT stays in continuity…

Two interesting plot points about this issue:

A) The Martian Manhunter encourages Superman – in between Big Blue’s saving the day – to take over the planet so that he can lead it into its next age as a space-faring world. Not really what you would expect out of J’onn J’onzz, but he hasn’t really been around in a few years, so he may have a bit of a new personality. Or Bendis is setting something up with him later on.

B) Oh, and somehow the whole planet got transported into the Phantom Zone, the same interdimensional prison where Supergirl sent Rogol Zaar!

That’s probably going to make finding Jon and Lois a bit harder.

Bendis threw a lot of spaghetti against the wall to see if any of it sticks here. It definitely wasn’t bad – though I’m a bit confused about where that conversation with Manhunter is going to go. Whether you consider this the first part of a new story or part seven of Bendis’ run, there are any number of interesting paths where this story can lead. Getting Earth out of the Phantom Zone before Zaar tries to destroy it again is probably priority one.