A series of benefit concerts held around the world, featuring some of the biggest acts of the time, tried to bring attention to the global poverty rates, though unlike predecessor Live Aid, the Live 8 benefit didn’t leave the same kind of mark.

Organized by singer/songwriter and activist Bob Geldof – who had a hand in organizing Live Aid and Band Aid in the 1980s – Live 8 took place on July 2, 2005. It was meant to support the Global Call To Action Against Poverty. The event was timed to happen before the G8 global economic summit in Scotland just a few days later. While G8 leaders promised following the event to double previous levels of financial aid to poor nations, many didn’t end up following through.

Regardless of the politics of the event, or whether it could be deemed a success, the Live 8 concerts were an impressive organizational feat, with close to a dozen different shows happening all over the world, many at the same time. The event was streamed live on AOL Music, and probably thanks to that showing, we have still have videos of the event uploaded to YouTube! Let’s check some out.

Pink Floyd performed at Hyde Park in London.

A-Ha performed in Berlin

Bon Jovi performed in Philadelphia

And James Brown performed in Scotland.

I honestly have almost no recollection of this whole thing happening, but maybe it meant more to the musically-inclined…