My favorite show debuted 12 years ago this weekend! And we’re still looking forward to more!

As a fan of THE WEST WING, I decided to take a chance on a new USA Network show about a fake psychic detective that co-starred Dulé Hill, who spent seven seasons on The West Wing as Charlie, the personal aide to the president. Hill working on the show was enough to get me on board, at least for the pilot, which was presented as a special movie-length feature.

The pilot was a fun preview of the eight seasons to come. Slacker Shawn (James Roday) goes to the Santa Barbara Police Department looking for a reward after he solved a burglary after seeing a news report, but head detective Carlton Lassiter (Timothy Omundson) thinks he was involved. Thinking on his feet, he tells the cops he’s a psychic and weasels his way on to a major case for the department. He drags his best friend, Gus (Hill) along for the hi-jinx.

PSYCH came to an end in 2014 after 8 seasons, but returned to USA this past Christmas for a reunion movie. And then, this past week, we got a serious case of good news/bad news:

Good news: There’s going to be a second PSYCH movie! Bad news: Psych: The Sequel, which I only found out about via this tweet from Michael Ausiello, is on hold because of scheduling conflicts! Thankfully, the USA Network seems committed to churning out more Psych movies, and the cast seems willing, too. Hopefully, everything can be resolved soon and we can get more Shawn and Gus!

Until then, there’s a bunch of great Psych content right HERE!