Before we jump into the first of this week’s Subway Shorts reviews, let’s take a look at what we’ve got coming in the next few days!

A complete list of comics released this week can be seen on the Previews website. Once you decide what you want to read, you can go over to your local comic shop or do what I do and hit up Comixology for your comics fix!

This week! Here’s what I’ll be reading!

DC Comics
Action Comics 962
Batgirl 2
Blue Beetle -Rebirth 1
Detective Comics 939
The Flash 5
Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps 3
The Hellblazer 1
Teen Titans 23
Titans 2
Wacky Raceland 3
Wonder Woman 5

Archie Comics 
Archie 11

Dark Horse Comics 
Weird Detective 3

IDW Comics 
GI Joe – A Real American Hero 231
Ghostbusters International 8

Really looking forward to Action Comics and Archie this week. Expectations are also high for Batgirl and Ghostbusters International. We’ll see if anything else surprises me this week.