It’s one of those dreaded “Fifth Weeks” – and a fifth Wednesday in a month generally means less comics for me to read. What can we expect over the week to come?

As always, you can take a look at all the offerings available to comic shops by checking Previews’ website. And you can find the comic shop closest to you by using the Comic Shop Locator. 

Me? I’m still using Comixology to buy and download my books.

It’s a slow week for new comics, so I guess it’s a good thing that last week was so jam-packed that I still have new issues of Action Comics and Detective Comics from DC to read on my rides home from work.

The six new books I’m purchasing this week:

DC Comics
Gotham Academy Annual 1
Future Quest 4
Justice League of America 9

IDW Comics 
The X-Files: Origins 1 (of 4)

Image Comics 
Jupiter’s Legacy Vol. 2 3

Image – Top Cow 
Eden’s Fall 1

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