GI Joe

Movies At Random: GI Joe Retaliation

“You know, they say this is a thankless job. But yesterday, I hung out with Bono. My new secret service, they want to burn the constitution, literally. Do you know my favorite bit? I get…

The Longbox Project – Part 2

After eight years of having them in storage, I recently got nine long boxes and two egg crates worth of comic books back into my possession. Now, it’s time to dive in and see what’s…

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Subway Shorts – September 25

Today, IDW starts a revolution where everyone seems like a jerk and Dark Horse introduces us to a Martian who just wants to be loved. I’m looking at Revolution 1 and Black Hammer 3.

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Subway Shorts – August 31, 2016

We finish off a jam-packed week with a little variety, with another day of three books with well-established characters from three different publishers – DC Comics’ The Flash, Archie Comics’ Archie and IDW’s GI Joe:…

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This Week’s Comics!

Before we jump into the first of this week’s Subway Shorts reviews, let’s take a look at what we’ve got coming in the next few days!

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Subway Shorts – August 5, 2016

We’re back with more comic book reviews for the week, based on what I read on the subway ride home the night before. Today, we look at the last issue of the Street Fighter-GI Joe…