Supergirl S3x02 – TRIGGERS

With all the changes hitting her job at CatCo, like her best friend now her boss, Kara Danvers is still dealing with the fallout of the season 2 finale. When a psychic villain comes to town who can manipulate people’s fears, Supergirl will need to face down her demons to come out victorious.

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The third season of The CW’s SUPERGIRL kicked off on Monday night, with Kara still recovering from last season’s finale, and doubting whether she’s doing enough to help the people of National City.

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Expanding the Archie-verse, Another Sabrina Show In Development

The CW has established itself as the home of hour-long shows based on comic book characters, and it looks to continue to expand that roster. But instead of adding to the “Arrowverse,” based on the DC Comics characters, we may get a new show with ties to RIVERDALE.

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