I mentioned in my review of last week’s episode of SUPERMAN AND LOIS how the bad in that show were’t who they seemed to be, and there’s a little of that going on in this season of Legends, too. Earlier this season, we learned that Time Bureau and Legends toadie Gary Green has been an alien this entire time. And even legendary American aviator Amelia Earhart, who Sara Lance encountered on an alien planet, turned out to be fused with an alien. But the biggest reveal came at the end of this episode.

It turns out that the Sara Lance we have known since season 2 of ARROW is now dead, killed by the poison attack from Alien Earhart. The Sara Lance we’ve seen the last few episodes is a clone, bio-engineered by this mysterious Bishop, who himself is a clone. Clone Sara spent the entire episode trying to figure out how to escape Bishop’s grasp and get back to Earth – which included beating Bishop within an inch of his life but keeping him alive enough to get her through his compound – before learning about her actual fate. Before getting a beating from Sara, Bishop spent the episode trying to kill Mick Rory, who made his way to the planet in the Waverider with Gary’s alien wife Kayla to try and save Sara.

Mick and Kayla managed to survive the planet’s inhospitable environs, but they ended up trapped in a pod on Kayla’s ship with a horde of very angry aliens attacking. Oh, and alien Amelia Earhart managed to sneak away in the Waverider and brig it back to Earth, but then ended up in a sanitarium in 1968, where she signed into the asylum using the name Sara Lance.

The “coincidence” brings the Legends team to the sanitarium, where they try to get answers from Amelia. Ava and Nate manage to find the Waverider in Earhart’s hometown of Rye, N.Y. and the team brings the alien to their ship to try and find Sara. Astra tries to communicate with Alien Earhart using magic, because John Constantine’s magic has been wiped away last episode, but it only manages to burn away the last vestiges of Earharts humanity, leaving only the alien who tries to kill the rest of the team before revealing that she had killed Sara.

She’s right, of course, but no one on Earth knows that Bishop cloned her and moved all of her memories into the new body.

There’s a little bit of Scott Snyder’s New 52 version of BATMAN with this Bishop. Snyder’s Batman had a contingency for his own death that included a constant stream of clones of himself, with his consciousness being implanted into a clone when he died. Who knows, maybe Bishop ends up being a multiversal version of Bruce Wayne, who moved on from being a knight to a completely different chess piece. There’s really a lot of places the show can go with this character, it’s just a matter of picking up the clues and seeing where the wackiness takes us.