Subway Shorts – Heroes and Fat Cats

Oliver travels to Metropolis to confront Lex Luthor in Green Arrow and General Zod’s end game is revealed as his revenge squad battles Team Superman in Action Comics. Plus, more reviews!

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What The New Justice League Trailer Tells Us

The movie is still four months away, but with a new “San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive” trailer released during Saturday’s panel, the buzz for Justice League is growing.

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Ranking Rebirth’s Big Events

Since DC Comics kicked off its Rebirth last year, the publisher has put five big events that either crossed over between books or included characters from multiple books. The most recent event, The Lazarus Contract, just wrapped up, but how does it rate over the other events published in the last year?

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Subway Shorts – We Are At War

Last night, on my way home from work on the subway, I had the chance to finish off the Justice League vs. Suicide Squad miniseries and the first issue of the new GI Joe series. I am definitely ready for some conflict.

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Subway Shorts – Justice For All

The Justice League is all over the place this week, with the weekly miniseries against the Suicide Squad continuing and a new miniseries with the Power Rangers kicking off. Superteams collide today!

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The Many Lives of Maxwell Lord

The villain pulling all the strings in DC Comics’ first Rebirth event is a guy with considerable history as both an ally and an enemy of the heroes within the universe. Maxwell Lord IV has gone from liaison for the Justice League International to the head of Checkmate and has the potential to be one of the best villains the company has.

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Subway Shorts – All About Max

DC Comics continues to push Max Lord as their Big Bad of the moment, as the weekly Justice League vs. Suicide Squad shows the severity of the situation, while a tie-in issue of Justice League gives Lord his Rebirth origin.

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