Two versions of DC Comics’ premiere super-team spar over adding people to their ranks in the latest issue of Justice League.

Justice League 60
Written by Brian Michael Bendis and Ram V
Pencils and Inks by David Marquez and Xermanico
Colors by Tamra Bonvillain and Romulo Fajardo Jr.

As the Justice League of the Infinite Frontier era is dealing with a threat from another Earth – which in itself causes a little consternation – an argument breaks out over Superman’s proposal to add Black Adam to the team. The ruler of Khandaq isn’t the most popular person within the ranks of the League, considering his checkered (and mostly vicious past), but it’s really hard for heroes like Green Arrow to argue with Superman when he has a point to make.

Adam has, Superman argues, been a force for good lately, especially when it comes to the multiversal threat, known as Brutus. The Man of Steel uses Green Arrow’s own call for new perspectives from the last issue against him, and compliments how much Oliver Queen has changed, leaving Arrow with little room to maneuver in opposition. Writer Brian Bendis may not be writing the Superman comic books any more, but he proves here that he has his voice down perfectly. Bendis’ Superman is, so far, the highlight of his new Justice League, as he continues to show why Superman is the world’s greatest hero.

Besides Black Adam, the League brings in new hero NAOMI – a Brian Bendis creation from his Wonder Comics line – since Brutus seems to hail from the Earth where she originated. In a small piece of confusion, it seems like Naomi’s Earth isn’t part of the established Multiverse, which will surely be something that needs to be addressed, either in a future issue of the Justice League or, more likely, in the second season of Naomi, whenever that happens.

In the Justice League Dark backup, by Ram V and Xermanico, the JLD is preparing for battle with the world’s greatest sorcerer, Merlin himself. When you have such a heavy hitter coming after you, the team needs to bring out the big guns. Much like Black Adam in the main feature, the addition to JLD of Etrigan the Demon causes a level of discontent amongst the members of the main Justice League team, Superman included.

The philosophical debates between the members of the two Justice League teams makes for an interesting issue, watching who is vocal in their support and their opposition of their new potential partners. Given the level of threat, Etrigan’s inclusion on the JLD team is a bit of an easier sell than Black Adam to the main roster.

Of all the backups in the INFINITE FRONTIER line thus far, I think the Justice League Dark stories have been the best. With another new addition to the JLD – with Ragman being teased in the backup’s final pages – the team has a good lineup. With John Constantine, Zatanna, Detective Chimp and Etrigan already on the team, it’ll be interesting to see if anyone else signs on for the big mystical battles as we move forward.