ARROW S6x13 – The Devil’s Greatest Trick

For weeks, hacktivist Cayden James has been terrorizing Team Arrow and Star City on the premise that Green Arrow killed his son. But things are taking a dramatic turn, as we learn who has been…

Supergirl S3x13 – Both Sides Now

In the final episode before the show goes on hiatus until April, Supergirl goes up against the second Worldkiller as Mon-El works to change the battery on the Legion time ship.

Arrow S6x12 – All For Nothing

A whole lot of story comes to a head this week, with Vigilante, Team Arrow and the deserters coming together to take down Cayden James. But things don’t go according to plan and the hacktavist…

SUPERGIRL S3x12 – For Good

Supergirl takes a break from getting beat up by Reign to help Lena Luthor, as her best friend is poisoned and Morgan Edge expects retaliation.

ARROW S6x11 – We Fall

A brilliant episode of ARROW has the members of both teams working to save Star City from attacks coordinated by Cayden James. And Oliver gets some lessons on being a dad to William.

SUPERGIRL 3×11 – Fort Rozz

With Reign the chief threat on everyone’s minds, Supergirl leads a team out into space to try and get some intel on her powerful rival. But the trip has its share of pitfalls – like…