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Subway Shorts – Dec. 17

Barry Allen makes an important decision about his life in The Flash and Hal Jordan gets his life back in Hal Jordan and the Green Lantern Corps, while his brethren are trapped by Brainiac.

It’s A Trial Run With Mario

The wait is finally over! Yesterday, Nintendo finally released Super Mario Run, the company’s second phone app and the first featuring the popular plumber. The game is a runner set in the Mushroom Kingdom, as…

Countdown: Super Mario

Over the last 30 years, Nintendo’s most famous mascot, Italian plumber Mario, has rescued princesses while also serving as a referee, a doctor, a go-kart driver, a tennis player, a baseball player and a soccer…

No Picture

This Week’s Comics – Dec. 14

Another Wednesday means it’s new comic book day! We’ve got a fresh set of books in a very DC Comics-heavy week. Let’s see what I’ll be reading over the next few days.

Spidey Comes Home

We’re just about seven months away from a new Spider-Man movie, and Christmas came early this week as a trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming has hit the world wide (spider) web!