The one thing that really, truly differentiates LEGENDS from the other ARROWVERSE shows is how well they utilize all the cast members in their various storylines. I spend a lot of time complaining about ARROW and SUPERGIRL and how little I actually care about some of the B- and C-plots they present.

But, with LEGENDS OF TOMORROW, I’m entranced with each of the plots that are presented. The show may not be as good as it was in the second and third seasons, but it is at the very least engaging and keeping me interested for the whole hour.

After a couple of weeks missing screen time, Ava is back and Sara has to save her from being possessed by Neron’s demon lady love. They would have made a nice couple, populating the bodies of John Constantine and Sara Lance’s partners. But Sara’s not about to let Neron get Ava, even if they did break up over Sara’s inability to take Ava’s feelings into consideration.

So Sara follows Ava into her own personal hell – a cheap knockoff of IKEA – and has to go through the motions to get themselves out. That involves putting together a wardrobe, finding the right bed and other domestic issues to prove that they’re compatible. It doesn’t work out as well as they would have liked, but Sara eventually figures out what she needs to do to get Ava out of IKEA purgatory.

Caity Lotz and Jes Macallan have great chemistry together, and when you throw in Adam Tsekhman’s Gary, it’s some pretty entertaining television.

While Sara and Ava are off with their furniture, Constantine and Nora Darhk are trying to get Neron out of Desmond’s body. The demon works to tempt Nora back over to the dark side, but she tricks him into letting him get close so Constantine can get Neron’s spirit out, which is meant to suffocate the big bad.

Unfortunately, Ray Palmer stormed the gates trying to save Nora. While the Legends think Neron is gone… he’s just taken up residence in Ray’s body. That should be a fun new development.

And Nate is still dealing with the aftermath of his dad’s death, including the discovery that he was actually building a magic themed amusement park, while Zari gets advice from Charlie, Mona and Mick on how to ask Nate out. That doesn’t work out so well, but at least it was amusing. It’s going to be satisfying when they finally put those two together.