ENDGAME is still bringing in all the money, but that doesn’t mean Marvel is going to stop releasing movies. There’s a brand new SPIDER-MAN flick on the horizon, which means that the spoiler ban must officially be lifted!

I have SOOOOOOO many logistical questions about this coming out of the way ENDGAME was wrapped up, but I will most likely just try and ignore them and enjoy the film, because HOMECOMING was so much fun.

SPIDER-MAN: FAR FROM HOME is set for release July 2

Moving away from the superheroic, the trailer for IT CHAPTER TWO has everyone waiting for the second half of the Stephen King epic.

If the flick can keep up the quality of the FIRST CHAPTER, we should have a classic on our hands. IT CHAPTER TWO comes out September 6.

Back to the comic books but away from the movies. HBO’s upcoming WATCHMEN series has a new trailer and it is ridiculously tense. But it is nothing at all like the comic book that it is supposed to be “remixing.” That may not be a bad thing. We’ve already had a panel-to-screen adaptation.

That’s a lot of Rorschach masks. WATCHMEN will premiere on HBO this fall.