A virus shoots through the DC Universe and infects everyone as the DC Universe finally realizes that the undead are pretty popular with comic book readers.

DCeased 1
Written by Tom Taylor
Pencils by Trevor Hairsine and James Harren
Inks by James Harren and Stefano Guadiano
Colors by Rainier Beredo

The first issue of The Walking Dead premiered in 2003. Marvel Zombies, a limited series about everyone in the Marvel Universe becoming zombies, debuted in 2005. Zombie stories are not new to comics. Archie Comics got in the game with Afterlife with Archie in 2013. Even DC Comics has dabbled its feet in the “world is infected with a virus” trope with the recently-ended SCOOBY APOCOLYPSE (seriously, it deserves a read if you haven’t picked it up yet).

Did we really need another zombie apocalypse?

Writer Tom Taylor has, admittedly, proven his worth with alternate DC realities. His INJUSTICE comics and the New 52 EARTH 2 series were great fun, so the new DCEASED has a great pedigree right out of the gate. And the art fits the tone of the book beautifully. I’m just wondering what kind of story we’re going to get here, and how different it’s going to be from all the zombie stories we’ve seen before.

The opening chapter of the miniseries sets out to envelope the Earth in a techno virus, accidentally released by Darkseid. The Lord of Apokolips thought he found what he needed to unleash the Antilife Equation, but accidentally destroys himself and his realm when he combines the essence of Justice League member Cyborg, his half of the Antilife Equation and the Black Racer, death itself. Instead of turning the whole universe into mindless slaves who only answer to him, Darkseid created a virus that infects anyone who uses social media.

As if we didn’t already know that social media was bad.

The first issue was interesting, and Taylor promises to show several fan favorite characters getting turned into techno-zombies. I assume it’ll turn into a series about a zombie Batman killing everyone. It is the year of BATMAN after all. If I’m lucky, Superman will use his heat vision to burn zombie Batman’s brain.

A guy can dream, can’t he?