SUPERGIRL S3x17 – Trinity

The Worldkillers have united and the relationship between Supergirl and Lena is strained as the DEO struggles to find the best way to counter Reign and her team.

Supergirl S3x16 – Of Two Minds

The threat of the Worldkillers becomes more real, as the DEO team succumbs to the perils of Pestilence, while Lena continues working to cure Sam of her Reign problem.

Supergirl S3x13 – Both Sides Now

In the final episode before the show goes on hiatus until April, Supergirl goes up against the second Worldkiller as Mon-El works to change the battery on the Legion time ship.

SUPERGIRL 3×11 – Fort Rozz

With Reign the chief threat on everyone’s minds, Supergirl leads a team out into space to try and get some intel on her powerful rival. But the trip has its share of pitfalls – like…


The Girl of Steel has to fight for her life against the Kryptonian worldkiller, Reign, in the show’s mid-season finale!