SUPERGIRL 3×11 – Fort Rozz

With Reign the chief threat on everyone’s minds, Supergirl leads a team out into space to try and get some intel on her powerful rival. But the trip has its share of pitfalls – like Kara’s own teammates…

Previously, on SUPERGIRL

This was one of the better episodes of the season, as it had a singular focus on its main story – Kara enlisting a team to go out to Fort Rozz – and gave an immensely entertaining hour of television.

Fort Rozz, the Kryptonian prison where Kara’s mother sent the planet’s worst criminals, is also home to a prophet who has information on Reign. Originally hiding on Earth and providing much of the first season’s antagonists, Supergirl sent the prison into space. It has travelled to a solar system with a blue sun – which leaves Kryptonians without power – that is also uninhabitable by anyone with a Y chromosome.

Outside of Saturn Girl – her ex-boyfriend’s wife from the future stuck in the present – all of Kara’s allies are men, so she’s forced to enlist a couple of her enemies to help with the mission. She recruits Livewire, who tried to kill Cat Grant in the first season, and PSI, who gave Supergirl some trouble earlier this season, to join Saturn Girl for a trip into space.

No space mission should ever go off without a hitch, though, as Reign is alerted to the space mission and travels to Fort Rozz herself. Her alter-ego, current COO of L-Corp Samantha Arias was going off on a business trip and left her daughter Ruby with Kara’s sister Alex, resulting in some fun interaction between the two.

Unlike Supergirl, Reign seemed to be unfazed by the power-sapping blue sun and it takes the whole team to come together to fight her off. The battle is not without its casualties, though, as Livewire sacrifices herself to save Supergirl.

When she returns to Earth and goes to pick up Ruby, Samantha begins to realize that something is wrong, as she doesn’t remember anything about the space trip and panics about missing her business trip entirely. The duality of her identities should add a nice twist to Reign’s villainy – and Samantha’s relationship with Kara Danvers – going forward.

Another nice twist to end the show is the introduction of more worldkillers to join Reign in her mission, which will raise the stakes for Supergirl and the DEO and – I hope – lead to another appearance of Tyler Hoechlin as Superman.

After a weak end to the first part of the season, Supergirl has come back pretty strong, and I’m hoping the momentum continues in upcoming episodes.

That’s all for this week. Next time around, Morgan Edge returns! Let’s take a look: