The Worldkillers have united and the relationship between Supergirl and Lena is strained as the DEO struggles to find the best way to counter Reign and her team.

Previously, on SUPERGIRL

Now that Supergirl and the DEO know that Lena Luthor has been trying to halt Samantha Arias’ transformation into Reign, you’d think everyone would be able to come together and use all the resources at their disposal to take down the Worldkillers. But Lena keeping her experimenting on Samantha/Reign for three weeks has the DEO questioning why Lena didn’t come to them for help. The problems are compounded by the fact that Lena contained Reign by using leftover Kryptonite from a vault leftover from the days when her brother, Lex, had control of it.

The beef isn’t enough to overwhelm our heroes, though, who manage to figure out a plan to try and get Samantha back despite the growing distrust. With an eclipse coming – which would wipe Supergirl’s powers away – Brainiac 5 figures out a way to send the consciousness of Supergirl, Lena and Alex into the dimension where Sam is imprisoned. While there, the trio try to get Sam and Julia (Pestilence) to fight back against Reign and take back their bodies to prevent the damage the dark trinity is trying to inflict on National City (and possibly the rest of the world). Pestilence is already a lost cause, having overcome the doctor whose body she inhabited.

Kara, Lena and Alex help Sam take her body back, which allows Sam to tell the DEO where the Worldkillers’ fortress is, setting up a battle between the DEO and the Worldkillers, which Supergirl and her team only survive when Purity has a change of heart, killing Pestilence before she herself died. This should be good news, but Reign absorbs their essences and the fortress begins to crumble. With Pestilence dead, the Legion of Superheroes team are happy, as she’s no longer a threat to become Blight.

All good, right? It’s never that easy. Reign is still out there and as the episode ends, we see that she’s going after Sam’s daughter.

The tension between Supergirl and Lena is eased, though there’s a lot of lying going on. Olsen lies to Kara about breaking into Lena’s lab and seeing no more Kryptonite. When James tells Lena about what he did, he throws in that he’s the Guardian. Lena, for her part, admits the Kryptonite wasn’t Lex’s – she figured out how to create her own. That probably isn’t going to end well. Also, there’s no way someone as smart as Lena isn’t going to figure out Supergirl’s secret identity with all the clues she keeps getting.

Another fun episode of SUPERGIRL, as the stakes keep getting raised. Next week, Reign looks like she’s going to make it more personal.