The threat of the Worldkillers becomes more real, as the DEO team succumbs to the perils of Pestilence, while Lena continues working to cure Sam of her Reign problem.

Previously, on SUPERGIRL

This episode was pure plot advancement, as Supergirl and her team finally manage to find the third and final Worldkiller, Pestilence. With the Mayor and other civic leaders getting sick, and then a whole hospital falling ill, the DEO not only has to continue its search for their elusive antagonist, but they also have to find a cure for the sickness affecting National City. This gets more difficult when both Alex and Winn fall ill.

After an initial false lead, the DEO finally finds the Worldkiller – a doctor who was on scene for all the reported incidents. Once they find out who they’re going after, though, what to do with her becomes an issue. Because Pestilence eventually becomes Blight, a deadly malevolent force in the 31st Century, Imra wants to kill her. Putting Pestilence in the ground would also save Imra’s sister, who died at Blight’s hands. But Supergirl thinks there’s another way.

The heroes almost manage to capture Pestilence, but the other Worldkiller, Purity, shows up to save her with her sonic powers. Why does Purity have sonic powers? Is it because they already have the CGI for it with Black Canary/Black Siren? Sorry, went off on a bit of a tangent there. Thankfully, Imra is still able to get some of Pestilence’s DNA for Brainiac 5 to work on a cure. A win is a win at this point in the season.

Meanwhile, in L-Corp’s secret lab, Lena continues to work with Sam to try and stop her transition to Reign, but to do that, she has to send Sam’s consciousness into a nether-realm, where Reign taunts her with the death of her daughter. Sam wants Lena to reach out to Supergirl or other authorities, but Lena decides that she shouldn’t, because she doesn’t trust them to do the right thing to try and save Sam. She gets dragged in anyway, when James calls and asks for her help in solving the Pestilence problem, and she admits that she’s already somewhat working on it.

Once everyone is together at L-Corp, it all hits the fan, so to speak. Pestilence and Purity show up, Reign takes over Sam’s consciousness and the three Worldkillers are united at last. But at least now everyone has all the same information, except for Lena, who still doesn’t know Kara is Supergirl. Her hanging out with all of Kara’s friends is probably going to eventually give it away, though.

Show Notes

• Brainiac 5 takes on a more human appearance through a device that makes people see him as human and not Coluan, but only Winn recognizes him right off the bat.

• Speaking of Brainiac 5, actor Jesse Rath’s portrayal reminds me of Donald Glover’s Troy pretending to be Abed in the fourth season COMMUNITY episode “Basic Human Anatomy.” Maybe it’s just me, but their inflection is pretty similar.

Now that the Worldkillers are united, bad things are probably on the horizon…