J’onn’s father’s methods of preventing his memory loss cause some chaos at the DEO, leading to some tense situations. And Mon-El gets a comics-accurate costume! 

Previously, on SUPERGIRL

After such a long hiatus, and with the other two main ARROWVERSE shows hurtling towards the season finales, jumping back into SUPERGIRL when it has almost half a season has me thrown off a bit. Watching an episode like last week’s, and even this week’s, I think, “How are they going to wrap everything up so quickly?” But the show is still getting everyone in position before things start to get crazy.

It helps explain yet another episode where the main story is focused on the family of one of the supporting cast – in this case it’s J’onn and his father, M’yrnn. Poppa Manhunter is still coming to terms with the impending loss of his faculties and while he put on a brave face last week, the cracks in the veneer start to show here. The Martians are a telepathic people, so his meditation technique reaches out to everyone around him, and his fear and anger at what’s happening to him infects everyone around him. It starts with an empathic alien and rapidly grows until everyone at the DEO is at each other’s throat. Winn gets beat up a lot before things get calmed down.

The affects of M’yrnn’s telepathy even get Kara worked up, as she spars with Mon-El and tries to learn how to use her cape as a weapon the way he did last week, while her former boyfriend is spared thanks to his Legion Flight Ring. The feelings of loss and abandonment when Mon-El had to flee the Earth at the end of the second season pop back up and she gets a little more aggressive in sparring than anticipated. Thankfully, she didn’t ruin Mon-El’s newly-repaired Legion costume.

Elsewhere, Lena is still holed up in her lab with Samantha sedated as she learns more about what’s happening to her friend. When she discovers that Sam’s physiology is going through a metamorphosis, she’s forced to verbally attack Sam to get Reign to emerge, so she’ll believe what Lena is trying to tell her. Somehow, I doubt Samantha knowing what’s happening will prevent Reign from coming out again, especially now that Pestilence emerges at the end of the episode.

After learning last week that Pestilence evolves into a threat in the 31st Century, which is the whole reason Mon-El, Saturn Girl and Brainiac 5 are back in this century, the battle with the third Worldkiller should raise the tensions within the DEO.