Lex Luthor

Subway Shorts – Monsters

The second issue of DC Comics’ much-anticipated maxiseries, The Doomsday Clock, brings the characters from Watchmen into the main DC Universe, bringing some light to where we’re going in the next year.

Subway Shorts – Acceptance

The Man of Steel’s time on Apokolips comes to an end as the dark world gets a new leader, but at what price? The IMPERIOUS LEX arc comes to an end in the latest issue…

Subway Shorts – Men of Steel

Metropolis’ two protectors try to get on the same page, but the history between the two leads to some trouble of Apokaliptian proportions in the latest issue of Superman.

Subway Shorts – Rivals

Sometimes, you get a couple of kids who just don’t like each other but manage to work together for the greater good, like in Super Sons. Other times, it leads to a drag race between…

Subway Shorts – Old and New

Cassandra Cain has her final showdown with her mother, Lady Shiva, in Detective Comics. And Supergirl has some surprising appearances before getting sucked into the Phantom Zone.

President Luthor/President Trump?

If you’re wondering how to cope with the results of last night’s United States Presidential Election, let’s travel all the way back to the year 2000 and the Lex2000 Campaign!