Sibling role reversal and more information about our mysterious Captain Luthor!

Previously on SUPERMAN & LOIS

After four weeks of Jordan Kent lashing out at his father for basically everything he’s ever done, this week’s it’s Jonathan’s turn for some teenage angst. He’s been a pillar of support throughout the series, giving his brother a shoulder to lean on through his struggles with social anxiety and an outburst of powers, even though he’s been struggling with the move to Smallville. Finally, everything comes to a head for Jonathan. He’s already lost his spot as first string quarterback, his twin brother is developing superpowers and this week, his girlfriend back in Metropolis dumps him.

Jonathan spirals a little bit, offering a little bit of change for the Lane-Kent family dynamic, and Jordan isn’t really as good at being supportive of his brother. Especially not when he’s finally on a date with Sarah, who he’s been crushing on for a while. Jonathan getting drunk at the Harvest Festival and embarrassing Jordan in front Sarah and Jordan’s drinking buddies.

As the Lane-Kent family starts to settle in to Smallville, Jonathan wants to go back to Metropolis. His son’s desire to leave sets Clark off on some flashbacks to when he was ready to find his greater purpose in the world after the death of his father. Clark remembered how his mother made the right choice for him and allowed him to go, even though that meant sacrificing time with her son.

MARTHA KENT and what she meant to the town of Smallville is an important part of the show’s fifth episode. With Smallville planning the first Harvest Festival since Martha DIED, not everything is going according to plan. You usually don’t account for a guy who was presumed dead showing up and causing a costly fire because he didn’t know how to control the heat vision bestowed upon him by X-Kryptonite. Morgan Edge’s experiments are making things interesting for Superman, who has to pivot from fighting off super-powered antagonists to trying to help them when their powers go off.

As Superman tries to protect everyone from the damages caused by the X-Kryptonite, Lois Lane continues on her mission to take down Morgan Edge along with her editor Chrissy Beppo, who is growing some journalistic stones. But she gets an interesting offer from our mysterious Captain Luthor, pretending to be a business reporter from Reuters who wants to work with Lane. You would think that he’s using Lois to get closer to Superman in his plans to take the Man of Steel down. And that may be part of his plot, but there’s more to it than that.

On his Earth, Captain Luthor and Lois Lane were an item, and Luthor seemingly can’t get over how alike she is to his Lois. The more we learn about this Captain Luthor, the more it seems as though we’re getting a Luthor from the ARROWVERSE version of Earth-3, the home of the CRIME SYNDICATE OF AMERIKA. I doubt it will make much of a difference in the long run, since there’s likely no way we’re going to see Owl-Man, Johnny Quick, Power Ring or any of the other CSA members on the show, but it’s nice to know where everything stands when you’re dealing with a multiverse.

Things are starting to get interesting in Smallville again, but it’s going to be a while before we get to see where everything is headed. The show goes on a two-month hiatus after COVID-19 halted production. So, instead of getting the sixth episode of the season next week, we’re getting the first episode of Supergirl’s sixth and final season.