One of the best new books that DC Comics has published this year comes to a close… but there’s more to come!

Naomi 6
Written by Brian Michael Bendis and David F. Walker
Art by Jamal Campbell

The Wonder Comics imprint at DC has been the most fun collection of comics the publisher has put out in a long time, and NAOMI may be the absolute standout of the line. The story, while placed firmly within the DC Universe, is a standalone that requires minimal knowledge of the rest of comics goings-on, creating a brand new environment perfect for new readers. And the book is paired with beautiful artwork that pops right off the page (or the iPad screen, in my case).

The book has given us a slow build to the revelations about Naomi’s origins, and we finally see where she’s from in this final issue. She’s not from another planet in our universe, but from another Earth in the multiverse. Her world was ravaged by war before her parents sent her away. But now that her powers have manifested, it sent a beacon out to her Earth, and the man who killed her parents is out to get her, too.

There’s no resolution to the new conflict on the horizon as the miniseries comes to a close, though Naomi gets some good shots in on Zumbado and traps him on his own dead Earth. But the last page gives us the promise of a “second season” of the series. Hopefully, DC Comics markets the hell out of this when the collected edition comes out, because Naomi deserves to be in front of as many comics fans’ eyes as possible.

If you’ve slept on picking this book up, it’s time to rectify that mistake. Binge the series and join me in waiting on the next chapter in Naomi’s life. As a comics fan, it’s completely worth it.