I really hope that, when the Crisis crossover begins during the 2019-2020 ARROWVERSE season, the Monitor takes both Flash and the team of Legends to task for the fact that they caused the Crisis to be moved up five years thanks to their tomfoolery with the time stream.

There’s no way that the team that screws up every week and the guy who felt the need to change everything about his universe because he was sad didn’t bring about an apocalypse-level event. Both TV shows this season continued to mess with various timelines in so many different ways. The season finale of Legends, like the season finale of THE FLASH, had some major consequences to the world that will eventually cause some problems.

As the fourth season comes to a close, the Legends are still angling for a way to take Neron (or Ne-Ray, as Sara calls him, since he’s possessed Ray Palmer’s body) down, as the would-be new king of hell tries to release the demons of hell back to Earth.

After Nora Darhk gets Constantine and Ray’s soul out of hell – because Gary commanded her to, since she’s now his fairy godmother – the Legends use the wish-granting book from TAGUMO ATTACKS to build Nate’s father’s monster theme park as a way of getting people to trust magic again. And the Legends promote the park by dressing up as “The Trinity” – Supergirl, Green Arrow and the Flash. Do people on Earth-1 really know who Supergirl is, just from a couple of crossovers? When Zari points out that they should have pulled in the actual heroes, Sara gives the big reveal.

“Yeah, well, I asked, and they said hard pass.”

Yes, the Legends probably should have answered the call for the crossover earlier THIS SEASON.

With a little bit of a switcheroo – Constantine and Nate using a glamour to switch their forms – the team manages to defeat Ne-Ray by making him break the deal he made with Ray to not harm Nate. When Nate (temporarily) dies, Neron is forced from Ray’s body, Constantine sends him back to hell where the Three Kings of Hell can take care of him and Ray gets his body back.

This brings Zari out to try and bring Nate back to life, but with her younger self controlling the dragon that hatched from the egg (there’s a lot going on in this episode), she’s at risk of being completely changed by the timeline shifts. And, of course, she’s replaced on the team by her brother, causing an awkward moment when the switch is made and Nate is hugging him.

In case you weren’t keeping track, this is now the second girlfriend Nate has lost to timeline shenanigans, after losing AMAYA last season.

The season finale also had a few throwaway Easter eggs, including Ray playing Giant Jenga with his would-be torturer in hell, the formerly immortal Vandal Savage. Savage was the big bad of the Legends’ first season, but he managed to turn his disposition around in hell and become a big fan of the team that beat him.

We also get a glimpse of The Monitor in the audience of Hey-World, eating popcorn while watching the floor show. I think he was just thrown in to make sure we know the Legends will be taking part in next season’s big event.

And with that, the Arrowverse’s 2018-19 season comes to a close! It’s gonna be a boring few months without our multiversal heroes! Stay tuned in the next few days for my rankings of each of the shows’ seasons!