Previously on SUPERGIRL

Lex Luthor had an eventful season on SUPERGIRL. The man gave himself cancer to trick his sister into giving him superpowers. He manipulated a hurting Ben Lockwood into causing a rift between humans and extra-terrestrials. He convinced a clone of Supergirl to help him plot out a war between the U.S. and the small nation of Kaznia, and turn the country against the Maid of Might. And he manipulated the White House like Olivia Pope, putting himself in position to be the puppet master over the most powerful man in the free world.

And what was his ENDGAME? Did he want to be the shadow leader of the United States? Sure, but that was a secondary goal to his true motives in everything he did since being introduced: he just wanted to kill Superman.

The Man of Steel isn’t even on Earth, having left to Argo City at the end of the ELSEWORLDS crossover so Lois could survive giving birth. But still, he persists in dominating Lex’s every thought. And it’s that single-mindedness in wanting to kill Superman that eventually leads to his downfall. His allies begin to doubt his plans and it allows Supergirl to gather her forces and take Lex down.

A little help from CatCo, publishing Lex’s plans for all to see and turning the tide of public opinion against him and his puppet President didn’t hurt. The keyboard is, in fact, mightier than a Lexosuit.

Much like the season finales of ARROW and THE FLASH, the most intriguing parts of this episode are in the final moments, setting up not just the next season’s big bad, but also the CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS crossover.

Lex’s assistant, MISS TESSMACHER!, tries to run after her boss’ plans fail, but she’s stopped in her tracks by a mysterious old woman. The woman tells her that LEVIATHAN “is everywhere” and “is coming.” For those who don’t follow the comics, Leviathan is a covert organization run by Talia al Ghul, and is the antagonist in a major crossover this summer. If next season follows the comics at all, the DEO may be in trouble.

With Lex thought dead after his battle with Supergirl, he’s confronted by his sister Lena, who shoots him twice. As he lay dying, he reveals Supergirl’s secret, and manipulates Lena into (probably appropriate) feelings of betrayal from her supposed best friend.

Even though Lex is dead, his corpse gets a visit from the Monitor, who will be a key part of the next crossover, after the Monitor is also seen bringing J’onn J’onnz’s brother to National City. We’re on a different Earth than the one where Monitor recruited Oliver Queen, could this be a different Monitor? Could he, in fact, be an ANTI-Monitor?