The lives of Superman and his closest allies get mapped out for the summer in this huge special from Brian Michael Bendis and HIS closest allies.

Superman: Leviathan Rising Special 1
Written by Marc Andreyko, Brian Michael Bendis, Matt Fraction and Greg Rucka
Pencils by Steve Lieber, Eduardo Pansica, Yanick Paquette and Mike Perkins
Inks by Julio Ferreira, Steve Lieber, Yanick Paquette and Mike Perkins
Colors by Hi-Fi, Nathan Fairbairn, Paul Mounts and FCO Plascencia

The most expensive comic I bought last week – priced at $9.99 – was completely worth it in every way!

ACTION COMICS writer Brian Bendis has been building to the EVENT LEVIATHAN summer story arc for a few months now, and this supersized issue gives readers a sense of what’s to come for the heroes of the DC Universe in the miniseries, along with previews of other Superman-related books that I’m definitely not going to miss out on. The four writers on this book tied all their chapters together beautifully here while setting the separate tones for their respective books.

The main thread tying everything together is Superman’s investigation into the destruction of the DCU’s biggest super spy organizations. When he senses that someone is in his apartment waiting to kidnap Clark Kent, he decides to go along with it to get the full story. Things don’t go as planned, as Leviathan’s leader, Talia al Ghul, puts Kryptonite on Clark Kent as a trap for Superman, not knowing that she has the genuine article right there.

Clark’s capture leads to Lois getting concerned when he doesn’t come to her when she calls, so she takes some extreme measures.

I love that when Batman chastises her for calling him in on an SOS, Lois doesn’t back down and tells him she knows what she’s doing. Lois Lane is fearless, and she’s shown a lot of respect in this issue from the various antagonists that are gathering in Metropolis.

Greg Rucka’s chapter gives a glance at his upcoming LOIS LANE series, and based on these few pages in the LEVIATHAN special, I think it’s going to be a great take on the DCU’s greatest journalist.

As someone who’s worked in newspapers for all my professional life, I really love all the scenes inside the Daily Planet lately. Clark’s professional life is just as important as the time he spends in his costume, and we’ve been lacking in that department a lot lately. It’s good to see the Daily Planet staff getting some more focus and serving as integral parts of the mythos again.

That includes Jimmy Olsen, who’s also getting a new series this summer from Matt Fraction. The Planet’s photographer and cub reporter (he’s probably too old to be referred to that way at this point) is on a tour promoting his new photo book in Gorilla City. When he has a little bit too much Gorilla wine, it spells hilarity. He gets married to a superthief and ends up battling Red Lantern Dex-Starr – yes, Jimmy Olsen goes one on one with a very angry cat. And it is amazing. What’s even better, Olsen manages to get the cat to help when he joins Lois and Firestorm (so random) in finding Clark Kent.

The Olsen chapter was filled with ridiculous Silver Age goodness and absurd situations that only Jimmy Olsen could find himself in. It’s another winner, and something else to be excited about when the first issue hits in July.

Superman’s cousin isn’t left out, as the special also lays out her plans for when she gets back from space. Since her adopted parents are DEO agents, the Leviathan attacks are going to involve her, as well, though she’s not aware of how severely yet. Marc Andreyko’s Supergirl has been great so far, and it seems like Manhunter, the character he wrote 15 years ago, will be getting involved as well. How can that not get anyone hyped?

Since Bendis took over the Superman books last year, I’ve seen so many people complaining online, saying they dropped the Super-books in protest. They’re really missing out. Bendis – alone and now with his friends – is churning out some great Super-content, and the LEVIATHAN special is a great tease for what’s to come.

I’m really hyped for the comics coming out this summer. Any Superman fan should be.