The Children of Liberty finally make a play against Supergirl and Lena decides to play god with a Kryptonian mineral. 

Previously on SUPERGIRL… 

After weeks of shoring up the ranks of xenophobics in National City, Agent Liberty finally goes after Supergirl and tries to kill her by taking away her powers and enlisting James Olsen to blow up the building where they have her stowed. Of course, James doesn’t know that Kara is trapped in the building, because he’s being forced to praise the Children of Liberty against his will. 

Kara only got captured by the Children of Liberty because Manchester Black sold her out, in exchange for a meeting with the boss man. He brings Supergirl to an island used to welcome aliens, complete with power dampeners, where the anti-alien gang has set up camp. But the Children of Liberty don’t follow through on their deal, setting Black up with an imposter instead. 

Ol’ Chester doesn’t take too kindly to a double-cross, though, and he ends up shooting and killing a whole bunch of the Children of Liberty. And when J’onn confronts him about the terrible act of evil Manchester committed, Black puts a device on J’onn that forces empaths to take on the pain of someone else, debilitating the Martian with his own feelings of grief and loss for his partner, Fiona.  

I really hope Black’s break from working with Kara and the rest of the DEO leads to a more traditional turn for the character, and he returns with a group of his own called THE ELITE. Supergirl has already done an episode based on a classic Alan Moore Superman story, so why not adapt “What’s So Funny About Truth, Justice and the American Way?” as well? I bet it could be a great episode down the stretch of the fourth season. 

Separate from the DEO team, Lena Luthor is back in the lab, experimenting with the Harun-El from when Kara was on Argo City. Lena wants to use it to help humans be more super to try and avoid a civil war, but she’s having some doubts about her experimentation. She almost shuts down a human trial because of the risks, but her subject, Adam, convinces her to go on in the hopes that no one dies from cancer the way his brother did. 

The trial does great, and Adam gains superhuman abilities – for just more than 3 minutes. And then he died, and Lena was sad, because she’s not a monster like her more famous brother. At least she has that going for her. And the trial helped her with information that can make a serum better for the next trial. 

Something tells me that won’t end well.