Supergirl goes up against a dragon! And it’s only a minor plot point! 

Previously on SUPERGIRL

It’s Thanksgiving in National City, but that doesn’t mean we take a break from the fighting and the xenophobia. If anything, the Children of Liberty seem to think this is the perfect time to escalate their attacks on extraterrestrials. 

Thankfully, Ben Lockwood and his gang of gold-faced hoodlums find ways to tip everyone off to their plans, like the flyer that gets dumped on Supergirl in the opening scene. Despite the desire to have Brainiac 5 look into everything to find out who Agent Liberty is, though, Col. Haley, who is now overseeing the DEO orders Alex and Brainy to stand down. Their mission, she argues, is to deal with alien targets, not human, so the DEO should let the FBI handle them. 

Alex, of course, encourages Brainy to disobey Col. Haley. 

The FBI isn’t anywhere near close enough to stopping the Children of Liberty’s nefarious plot: mark the houses of extraterrestrials so their gang could attack the aliens who live there on Thanksgiving. Lockwood’s defense of striking back on the holiday? The Native Americans welcomed Europeans to the New World, but soon after the Europeans took everything from the Native Americans, so how can we be sure the aliens won’t take everything from the humans? 

Lockwood says this to Kara as a knockout blow during a debate on a TV show, where Kara is subbing for James Olsen, who instead of debating the group’s leader is trying to infiltrate it. I wonder if he ever got a new signal watch to reach out to his buddy Superman. He’s eventually going to need it with this gang of lunatics. 

Instead of giving thanks for what they have (or watching SURVIVOR SERIES), the Children of Liberty spend Thanksgiving night going to the houses they’ve marked to beat up aliens. It doesn’t really go well for them, as they didn’t take into account Supergirl fighting against them, and other aliens with powers, like the one with a pet dragon that goes on a rampage when its family is attacked! 

Kara has to stop the dragon from killing Alex, but after a fire breath vs. cold breath battle, the dragon’s owner begs them to stop, because the dragon was only protecting her family, so Kara manages to talk the dragon down and return it to its family. 

The Children of Liberty really didn’t think this plan through. Never bring guns to a dragon fight. 

Another good episode of SUPERGIRL that continues the trend of strong storytelling. The ARROWVERSE shows are really firing on all cylinders this season!