New writer G. Willow Wilson takes over as Diana goes to rescue Steve Trevor in Eastern Europe while an adversary escapes his prison. 

Wonder Woman 58 
Written by G. Willow Wilson 
Pencils by Cary Nord
Inks by Mick Gray
Colored by Romulo Fajardo Jr. 

The first issue of a writer’s run can do one of two things: it can blow you away with an amazing introduction to the new status quo or it can serve as an appetizer, setting the table for what’s to come without giving away too much. There are some changes, sure, some minor tweaks to what we’ve grown accustomed to prepare us for the next issue. 

G. Willow Wilson’s first issue is, I think, more the latter. Diana has gone through a lot of changes since the start of the New 52 era back in 2011, though she’s been slowly reverting back since Greg Rucka took the reins a couple of years ago. There wasn’t much here in Wilson’s first issue that blew me away, but the appetizer was good enough to keep me interested in what she has planned. 

There’s a conflict in Eastern Europe and Steve Trevor is, again, lost behind enemy lines and Diana runs off to save him. That boy needs rescuing more than Lois Lane ever did. But when Wonder Woman defies Etta Candy’s request to stay the hell away, Diana sees soldiers – allies of the American government – doing things she doesn’t like. 

And Ares is back, having escaped his Themysciran prison after Grail, the daughter of Darkseid and Ares’ fellow prisoner, attacked him with a sword. And he wants to be side-by-side with Diana to battle injustice. 

Wilson is off to an unassuming start with her first issue, but there is promise within these pages.